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The Ride

With new boat costs counted in thousands of dollars, and never ending stories of damage in transit, it makes sense to get the best. On my system, boats sit on custom closed cell pads that are four inches wide, and a full, juicy 1 inch thick. They cradle your boat like no other. The boat is held in place with bungee pressure only. A single strap is loosely placed in the mid-section as a backup only.  No more torqueing down gorilla straps that sand away at the boat seams, and eat into the deck. Most of my racks are a full 8 foot long. This offers an ideal load spreading for the 17 to 21 foot boat, and allows you to carry these boats on a very short roofline car without stressing the hull.  Custom lengths available for tandems and racing shells. Extend the life of your boat.