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Welcome to my website. My name is Cliff Roach, and I am a fellow paddler dedicated to doing my share to promote paddle sports in the USA. I build custom Vbars to transport race kayaks, OC1s, and shells. They are easily installed on just about any car with a solid base rack. Vbars have been in use by top paddlers around the world for decades. There are many benefits to Vbars… Read below to learn more!


Because of the relative shallow angle of the Vs, a standard 8 foot rack will accommodate a multitude of hulls from a razor sharp Vandusen Eagle, to an Epic V8 ski. The wider boats simply sit a little higher in the Vs. There are very few performance boats that won’t fit well onto it. The […]

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My racks are cave man simple. I do not use expensive powder coatings. To me, no paint means no paint chips. Aluminum will hold its shine for years and is easily buffed with some fine grain sandpaper and a little elbow grease. I don’t use welding. To me, no welding means no weld failures. My […]

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My Vbars are made exclusively of corrosive resistant aluminum with stainless steel hardware.  You buy this system ONCE for a lifetime of trouble free service.  With 1/8 inch walled bars, and 5/16 inch Vs, these bars will outlive your boats, your car, and even your college loans. The pads are of durable closed cell foam, […]

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Loading is done literally in seconds with simple bungees, and a single safety strap. If you consider that for each outing, there are two loads, and two unloads. And, If you paddle several times per week, you can begin to get an idea of the potential time savings. Spend your time on the water, and […]

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What’s Included

What’s included-  Everything you need to attach to your base rack and haul your boats. Two heavy duty closed loop bungees. A five foot cam belt safety strap. Two sets of mounting plates (short plates for Yakima/thule etc, and long for factory/aroebars etc).  Plus, 4 extra pads just in case.

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The Ride

With new boat costs counted in thousands of dollars, and never ending stories of damage in transit, it makes sense to get the best. On my system, boats sit on custom closed cell pads that are four inches wide, and a full, juicy 1 inch thick. They cradle your boat like no other. The boat […]

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